(Co) Living In Sydney

Australia is the third most popular destination for international students and young professionals starting their careers. Individuals living in Australia’s major cities, including the 1.2 million people aged 20 to 35 years old, are currently spending at least 30 per cent of their monthly take-home pay on rent. There has been growing demand for more flexible, community-based options of living in urban cities such as Sydney. Hmlet, a Singapore-based co-living company has seized on the growth and is entering the Australian market.

Hmlet offers a community for those who have moved to a new city or have left familiar surroundings, as co-living encourages connections with like-minded people which help to build a community spirit. The company will first launch two co-living properties in Sydney’s Newtown and Marrickville in March 2019.

Hmlet’s property in Newtown is among the first purpose-built co-living properties in Australia. Aptly named Hmlet @ Newtown, it is able to accommodate 20 members and features a co-working space, communal living and kitchen spaces.

As for Hmlet @ Marrickville, it will be able to accommodate over 70 members, making it one of the largest built-to-rent projects in Sydney.

Hmlet is arguably the largest co-living operator in Singapore today, and has doubled its number of members in the last six months. It has more than 15 locations across Singapore and Hong Kong. With its presence in Australia, Hmlet’s number of members may grow to more than 2,400 across the Asia Pacific by the end of the year. After Sydney, Hmlet has plans to expand into Melbourne and Brisbane.