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$20m SGDSingle Family Attached

Ocean Drive

5 Beds
8,145 sq. ft.
$38m SGDSingle Family Detached

Good Class Bungalow in District 10

6 Beds
5 Baths
17,000 sq. ft.

Landed Property For Sale : An Introduction to Your Own Home Sweet Home

Landed property or also called landed housing, in general, is a sole property of the owner and the owner alone to run it as he/she wills it. In a physical sense, it is as the word itself describes; one house or building on its own. Although in a small country, the growth of landed property in Singapore has gradually increase. This could due to the possible scenario that more people are preferring their own individual unit of a place to call home.

There are two main types of landed property or landed housing one can opt for; freehold landed property or leasehold landed property. Both have the same nature as those of condominiums where new freehold landed property puts the ownership indefinitely to the owner, while leasehold landed property is bound on an agreement between the lessee and the renter.

Type of Landed Property in Singapore

Finding the right landed property in Singapore may not be as black and white as one would hope for. This is due to various types of landed property for sale on the market that too many options could cause an unlimited amount of dilemmas to go through.

There are four main categories we can look at regarding several landed property for sale available out there:

Terrace Houses

Terrace Houses are some of the most common landed property in Singapore. It is an individual house conjoined together with a similar row of houses but separated with constructed borders such as brick walls or gates. It may look like you are sharing a house from the outside, but it is, in fact, an individual house of its own.

Detached Houses

Based on the name, Detached Houses follow the same building structure as Terrace Houses except for one significant feature; it is detached from other houses. This sets apart from Terrace Houses. This type of landed property in Singapore is considered to be among the larger estates in landed housing. This type of landed housing provides an extra reclusiveness for those favouring privacy and the sense of exclusivity.

Good Class Bungalows

Good Class Bungalows are known to be the most preferred or chosen ones by higher class society in Singapore. This due to the architectural design of such landed housing for this type is centralised on modern, chic and luxury. The locations for these type of bungalows are also set in many popular locations such as right the heart of the cities or overlooking the seas. The size of the property is usually in the minimum of 1,400 square meters and two storeys high. Due to how popular this type of landed housing is, it can be considered as a hidden gem in Singapore at times.

Cluster Houses

Cluster Houses are also known to be a hidden gem among the landed property in Singapore. This is due to its high luxurious settings and exclusivity in their facilities including private swimming pool, gymnasium and so much more. The architectural design is made to provide a high level of privacy and spaciousness to the residents. This is one of the newest types of landed housing growing significantly in Singapore.

Our Highlights for You

Our inventory has an endless collection of new freehold landed property and leasehold landed property open to customers looking for a new home. Our landed housing covers various locations that will fit your preferences such as those in Ocean Drive, Treasure Island and The Greenwood. Our landed housing units at Waterfront Bungalow at Ocean Drive is a beautiful 5,000+ square foot with the perfect scenery of nature around with the landed property price begins at less than $20 million.

Choosing a place to call home is never an easy task. There are various variables to look out for aside from the landed housing itself. We provide the perfect guide for you to find your own home sweet home.