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Condominiums for Sale in Singapore: A Growing Property Trend

Over the past few years, the rise in demand for condominiums not only pushed for greater growth in the Singapore property market but also the need to advance architectural innovation to accommodate the want/ desire for condominiums in Singapore. In definition, a condominium is a residential property where whereby various units are individually owned but share the use of its common facilities such as the gymnasium, function hall and swimming pool. The statistics of condominiums for sale in Singapore have never ceased to show a significant ascend and these numbers are expected to continue rising in the future.

Different Condominiums in Singapore

The collection of condominiums for sale in Singapore have been subdivided into three categories; the Mass Market Condo, the Mid-Market Condo and the High-End Condo.

Mass Market Condo

The Mass Market Condo comprises condominiums for sale that are highly affordable, thus appealing to the mass market. The pricing of Mass Market Condo usually starts as low as $600 for every square foot. This type of property is usually located at the Rest of Central Region (RCR) of Singapore and fitted with basic amenities for its residents including swimming pool, car park and around the clock security measures.

Mid Market Condo

The Mid-Market Condo are the kind of condominiums for sale in Singapore that are above the average standards. It is not high-end fancy, but it portrays a more modern look and feel and along with sophisticated condominium features to it. It can be considered as a luxury condo and or an executive condo in the prime district areas where residents will be able to utilise extra amenities including spa and sauna among others.

High End Condo

The High-End Condo is the type of luxury condominium with luxurious amenities residents will be entitled. This specific type of condominium for sale in Singapore puts the price at the high bar of at least $1,000 per square foot. The amenities provided in any of these Singapore property are equipped/ fitted with high-end/ top-of-the-line luxuries, including premier appliances, designer fittings and are often near to shopping malls, business districts and even hotels rooms.

Looking at the condominiums that are on the property market, the trend shows six types of condominium designs you can find in the Singapore property market: Studio, Bedroom Apartments, Loft, Bi-Level, Penthouse and Dual Key for various lifestyle choices.

Best Condominium For Sale: Our Highlights for A Better Stay

One journey to buy a condo might differ from another, but we constantly have newly launched condo added to our inventories for consideration. Our highlights of condominiums for sale include over 2,000+ square feet units at V On Shenton, Leedon Residence and Amber Skye if you prefer the sights of the city lights. If you wish to be surrounded by nature units at The Oceanfront, Reflections at Keppel Bay or the Gramercy Park will suit you. Our condos are both suitable for single and multi-family structure. It may take a long road to pick the right condo for you, but with our assistance, it will be a smooth one.