About Sculptura Ardmore

This 4BR unit is a mid-floor unit overlooking at the exclusive enclave of Ardmore Park housing area with lush greenery with 3 ensuite spacious bedrooms and roomy guest room. Higher floor units area also available on request.

Located within the exclusive Ardmore Park locale, Sculptura Ardmore is a symbol of originality that is refreshingly bold, employing an architectural language that delicately balances between the need for generous well designed internal living spaces with the exterior aesthetic need for beauty.

Large open-plan luxury apartments wrap around a central core with a simple 2-degree tilt in the façade plane. This creates a gracefully curving façade that is composed entirely of glass with an additional series of glass fins that form an animated "skin" around that building.

As implied by its name, Sculptura Ardmore's architectural form is designed as a beautiful and elegant sculptural work of art.

With Sculptura Ardmore, we worked with New York based architect Carlos Zapata, a great modernist whose architecture has a unique dynamic sculptural form creating timeless spaces with volumes and planes that lean and drift effortlessly into each other.

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