About Pearl Island

An island within an island

Evoked by the romanticism of a private island, the allure of an ultra-private community germinated into a sanctuary that is Pearl Island.

And to build upon the concept of an island within an island, each bungalow is conceived as an island, with a shallow pool of water surrounding it.

As befits waterfront living, water is used as a unifying factor linking all the individual plots, creating a body of water, with the bungalows likened to boulders sitting in the water.

10 minutes drive from the CBD, 20 minutes from Singapore’s Changi Airport, along a tree-lined boulevard flanked by 2 world-class golf courses, arrive at Singapore’s only waterfront community of high-end residences and a marina/yacht club.


- Coveted Location & Ultra Niche Luxury Development

- Exclusively gated sanctuary in the Southern Residential Precinct of Sentosa Cove

- Prestigious Waterway Villas with private pool & private berth

- Lined with picturesque waterways and breathtaking views

- Foreigners eligible


Special Market:
Luxury Properties