From the outside, one can tell that the modern-looking rectangular box design encapsulates a piece of art within. The home is dressed in timber, concrete, and glass to conceal the valuable wonders that reside within. This house presents a lavish lifestyle that combines luxury, art, and serenity.

The family area is located inside the pleasant television room which is separated from the living area by two sliding glass doors, to offer maximum privacy. Another interesting feature is the television cabinet's lacquered doors, which were created by Vietnamese artists using crushed eggshells.

The sellers adore the apartment's modest space, contemporary facilities, and interior furnishings. What intrigues them most is the lush landscaping that enhances the sense of space and calmness.

The balconies and massive floor-to-ceiling windows allow maximum sunlight to enter. The sprawling well-manicured lawns neatly positioned facilities and shaded pathways all serve up a beautiful landscape for the eyes to behold.

This trophy residence can be associated with a piece of Luxury Fine Art, which everyone will appreciate, but only a few can own.

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