Home Away From Home: Building Your Dream Holiday Nest Overseas

If there is a silver lining to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it is that many windows of opportunity have opened up for real estate investors around the world.

The attractive property prices and lower interest rates globally mark a good entry point for those who wish to enter the market and ride on the post-crisis growth. In fact, investors have already been out and about house-hunting in the luxury residential market.

Having a second property overseas in the right location can provide a good source of recurring and passive income. The additional costs associated with the purchase of multiple properties in Singapore, such as the Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD), makes investing abroad even more attractive.

Increasingly, investors are also looking to diversify their portfolios by investing in real estate abroad, especially in countries that are doing well in weathering the crisis. Take Japan, which has remained an investment safe haven due to its stable currency amid these volatile times.

But buying a property overseas is not just about numbers and figures – it also means owning a beautiful holiday home you can call your own.

Forget about competing with other tourists for accommodation during peak travelling seasons, or having to settle for a less-than-ideal hotel. A holiday house is a place where you can retreat to for that getaway you need, and still feel right at home with everything you need.

Here’s a look at some luxurious developments that could be your dream home away from home.

An urban sanctuary in the city

London is considered one of the world’s greatest cities. Served by five major airports, it is a short flight from other major cities like Paris and Rome.

Nestled within the City of Westminster, near Lisson Grove district, Westmark is a condominium development that offers homeowners a private sanctuary in the heart of London’s rich culture and vibrant city life.

City view from Westmark

Developed by leading UK developer Berkeley Homes, Westmark is the star of the West End Gate mixed development project: towering at an impressive height of thirty storeys, its silver facade glimmers and stands out against four other red-brick buildings in the development.

Its location – just a stone’s throw away from the Tube and two royal parks – makes it ideal for getting around Westminster and London, whether you’re visiting your favourite pub or heading to Regent’s Park for a relaxing evening picnic.

Residents of Westmark get to enjoy luxurious amenities like private cinema rooms and spas, as well as experience life in a modern mansion, with its carefully manicured gardens and grand piazzas. With thoughtfully chosen timber floorings, minimalistic stonework tabletops and full-length windows, the interiors of Westmark apartments speak to the modern aesthetic.

Heritage and history right in your backyard

Waking up to the grandiose UNESCO World Heritage site that is Indonesia’s Borobudur Temple every day is an experience not many people can lay claim to.

But at Mandala View, located just a kilometre away from Indonesia's most famous national icon, this experience can be yours to keep. The two-storey single-detached home, which features hanging balconies as well as an intricately designed Joglo pavilion, houses many idyllic spots from which you can enjoy the scenery.

Wake up to nature at Mandala View

Look out the tall windows for a panoramic view of this ancient Mahayana Buddhist temple against a background of paddy fields and volcanoes. Throughout the day, warm natural light streams in and enhances the house’s rustic wooden theme, allowing you to connect with nature and experience its calming effects.

Designed by world-renowned photographer Emmo Italiaander, the interior is a fusion of complementing styles, blending high-end Italian furniture and fine art with the rich heritage of Javanese culture – the perfect embodiment of East meets West.

But it isn’t only in Indonesia where real estate embraces heritage. South of the archipelago, Australia is home to The Harrington Collection, a collection of luxury residences at an iconic address: The Rocks, Sydney. As a historic neighbourhood informally established in 1788, The Rocks is largely considered to be the birthplace of modern Sydney.

At the iconic The Rocks, Sydney is The Harrington Collection

The Harrington Collection, comprising four different terraces, offers a stunning vista of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House from sunrise to sunset. The development is built around a modern minimalistic theme that exudes luxury, while its warm interiors and terracotta rooftops complement the view of Sydney’s expansive skyline.

For history buffs, its proximity to some of Australia’s oldest pubs as well as historical sites like Susannah Place and Cadmans Cottage would mean a dream come true.

At one with nature

Every winter, tourists travel far and wide just to experience Hokkaido’s famous powder snow. Delightfully dry and weightless, this snow transforms the entire landscape into a winter wonderland, complete with majestic snow-capped mountains and volcanic lakes that remain sapphire-blue throughout winter.

Skiing enthusiasts, in particular, will find themselves at one with nature at The Vale Rusutsu in Hokkaido, a condominium developed by Kamori Kanko, the owner of Rusutsu Resort.

Ski-in, Ski-out resort - The Vale Rusutsu

Managed by the team at Niseko Alpine Developments (NISADE), which won the World’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel for their work on The Vale Niseko, the ski-in and ski-out development features private ski locker rooms and equipment storage areas for skiers to have a smooth skiing experience. They can also enjoy exclusive access to Rusutsu Resort’s five-star spa and health facility.

Sitting at the foot of the West Mountain, The Vale Rusutsu offers spectacular views of the mountains, including Mount Yōtei, Hokkaido’s very own Mount Fuji. The scenery remains resplendent no matter the season – in spring, the landscape is painted in shades of lush green, while in autumn, it glows with the coppery hues of fallen leaves.

If done right, a vacation house can even become a place where you can retire comfortably in down the road. Be it an urban oasis, a charming piece of heritage and history, or a soul-soothing space in the heart of nature, your dream holiday home can become a reality.