Prosper With Good Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a branch of the Taoist Five Arts which studies land in order to find places that are favourable for people to thrive in. Many have heard the saying “success is being in the right place at the right time”. Feng Shui gives us the means to calculate whether this is the time for a given place to boom and prosper. When a tide of good luck comes in for a place, the informed can choose to be there and ride that wave of luck.

Using Feng Shui to take a look at some of the important elements of this development, it is easy to see why West End Gate as a whole development fits within London’s prosperity. There are also good indicators within the Feng Shui of the area to suggest that this area is vibrant and of prosperous qi.

The Dragon Of London

The landscape of London is peacefully flat and broad, and the River Thames flows from west to east, with its many tributaries and canals providing anchor. Hence London’s Feng Shui is in accordance with what the Classics describe as “the eternal prosperous Flatland Dragon”.

This is a rare, ideal and sought-after type of Feng Shui. The Classics states: “Qi is scattered by wind, and stops at the boundary of water. The ancients know to utilise this principle to gather qi together, and to keep qi apart, creating eternal qi flow. This is why the art is named Feng Shui
(wind and water).”

Since the twelfth century, London has been established as the nation’s capital. During the height of the British Empire, the decree of London took over every corner of the world. Although the empire is past, London’s prestige continues with various sources stating it to be termed the most powerful, most desirable, most influential, most visited, most innovative, most sustainable, most investment friendly, and most popular for work city in the world. On top of all these achievements, it is also a center of the financial world.

Qi is brought in by the River Thames and held within the river basin

This rare prosperity depends on the merits of the Thames and the Flatland Dragon shape it creates. The power of London’s unique Feng Shui is truly profound and has left a mark throughout history. A Flatland Dragon does not need to have huge dragons (mountains) or veins (valleys and rivers) to gather wind and qi. A supreme Feng Shui setup enables the qi to gather gently and strategically, whilst not allowing the qi to slip away. In this sense, London’s Feng Shui is very different from many other leading cities like Hong Kong or Beijing which depend upon their mountains and valleys to

Bird's Eye View

A key aspect of prosperous Feng Shui is the location and quality of water. Water gathers the positive energy of the land. Since both actual waterways and roads have this ability, Feng Shui views roads as if they were rivers carrying a stream of positive qi to the location just like how the Thames vitalises London.

Asquith House in West End Gate is located at the intersection of two of London’s most important streams of energy: the A40 Marylebone Road and the A5 Edgware Road.

A40 Marylebone Road is the main transportation link between East and West of London. The flow of traffic of this east-west exchange drives London’s vitality. Looking at the recent development of Paddington, Euston, King’s Cross and other places and how they have taken off, all good Feng Shui masters would say that this is predictable due to Marylebone Road’s prosperous qi in this time cycle.

The A5 Edgware Road is another main stream of energy exchange from central London to the northwestern districts. Where the road passes, areas such as St John’s Wood or Swiss Cottage have long been places where noble and wealthy people traditionally live, while Kilburn, Hendon, Colindale and other places have developed rapidly in recent years. This rapid increase is impressive, and the vitality is flourishing.

Combine these two major roads with the many looping side roads and this is the best example of what the Classics quoted: “If there is turbulent flow like weaving cotton, it is prosperous regardless of the time cycles.” The twin subway stations of Edgware Road together with their bus links are only a few steps away and this is extremely convenient, adding yet another vibrant stream.

The parks - Hyde Park and Regent's Park also help to attract and generate energy. This energy is distributed along the road systems around the park which slope downwards to the river.

Hence, Asquith House's location is ideally positioned to enable this wonderful qi energy flow to multiply and collect. It will be guaranteed to become the new standard. Based on the energy flow to this location, buying a property here will be a good investment.

Keeping Connected

There is no point enjoying great Feng Shui in isolation. The proximity to the best London has to offer means easy access to work, study, rest and play, giving you more time to make your mark in life.

There is a wide range of transport options, many in easy walking distance. Road, bus, underground and rail links are readily available to many of the major destinations in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, Heathrow Airport is a short train distance away putting the world within easy reach.

Closer to home there are fabulous options available for retail, dining and nightlife, education and the arts readily accessible. For those that would be wanting quiet spaces for contemplation, there are both the quiet hidden green spaces of London’s waterways as well as the large and pleasant spaces of Regent’s and Hyde Park near.

From the point of view of practicalities rather than Feng Shui, West End Gate is highly connected, giving many practical suggestions towards a great quality of life being possible here.

Balancing, Vibrant, Peaceful

West End Gate comprises seven apartment blocks with 844 apartments. Collectively, they are positioned as if guarding each other. Garrett Mansions directly faces Edgware Road, Westmark approaches into Newcastle Place, and Asquith House is built next to Church Street. Two other phases are under construction.

This enabled West End Gate to become a contained residential housing estate, with buildings guarding each other and complementing each other. Among them, there are secluded gardens, with water flowing in between, creating balance between the vibrant yang movement of the outside with the calm yin inner gardens. It is planned to plant trees extensively along the streets supporting West End Gate to retain the vitality of qi.

The gardens harmonises the qi and allows it to move smoothly and freely throughout the space

This art of condensing and prospering the rapid qi flow in urban streets, and how to store the vitality is the key to the science of Feng Shui. The whole design will ensure the residences thrive.

Prosperous Mountain, Prosperous Facing

Using Xuan Kong Da Gua, which is considered the highest school of Feng Shui because it unifies both I-Ching and Geomancy, Asquith House faces 288 degrees towards Church Street. This gives it the Gua “Lesser Exceeding”, which is also the current cycle eight. This is the sixty-second hexagrams of Xuan Kong Da Gua.

The Classics says: “Fortune, benefits loyalty, issues reduced”. This means that you need to be thorough in your plan and all endeavors will be smooth. Modesty and conscientiousness are sure to be rewarded with success.

The Thunder on top of the Hexagram is the guest, Mountain on the bottom is the host. Mountain is quiet, stable and long-lasting. Therefore Asquith House is positive for residential property.

The Xuan Kong Fei Xing or Flying Star system of Feng Shui gives an idea of how the energy is in time. The gate of the Asquith House is 147 degrees towards the gardens. Belonging to the flying stars group of “Prosperous Mountain, Prosperous Facing”, the Facing Star 8 is the most prosperous Star in the current cycle. This is a blessing to Asquith House, governing the increasing of wealth during the current time period and is a great sign.

In conclusion, the ancients searched for prosperous land for living together in harmony whilst Emperors used it for fortune, fame and power. Feng Shui has been in use for thousands of years for this purpose. Asquith House is located in a prosperous place. It is auspicious and full of personality, benefitting from good features in both Xuan Kong Da Gua and Xuan Kong Fei Xing Feng Shui.

Combining this with the earlier study of the landforms Feng Shui which revealed the powerful streams of qi flowing around the area, both the location and the building have many desirable traits which collectively make a very good Feng Shui for owners and occupants alike, and is a good choice for living and investment.

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Master Ang and the Rising Dragon Feng Shui team surveyed Asquith House on behalf of Berkley Group to provide this report of the Feng Shui of the location.

Established in 2000, Rising Dragon Feng Shui is an award winning multidisciplinary Feng Shui consultancy founded by Master Angela Ang and headquartered in Great Portland Street, London.