A New Lifestyle Experience

For the first time ever, there is going to be a new type of real estate approach set to disrupt the entire property landscape with the launch of the XT brand.

The XT brand is introduced by Sansiri, one of the top developers in Thailand with the hopes to differentiate a new line of condominium developments from the existing condominiums in the market.

Designed with the millennials in mind, the XT brand aims to allow residents to experience every facets of life that the world has to offer. Recognising the change in the way of work, play and discovery, the XT brand will cater to the evolving needs of today's consumers through personalised and flexible room layouts, technology innovations and a new concept of co-sharing facilities.

A novel concept in modern society of building a sense of community, owning a condominium under the XT brand will allow residents access to the co-sharing facilities of other condominiums in the XT series, which will in turn fuel collaborative opportunities. Co-sharing facilities at XT-branded condominiums include spaces for co-working, co-playing and co-creation, photo studio, cooking studio, as well as crafts and arts studio.

The collection of XT-branded condominiums is competitively priced and aesthetically pleasing, sporting unique designs and stylish characteristics. The XT-branded projects in the pipeline include XT Ekkamai, XT Huaikhwang and XT Phayathai.

XT Ekkamai, the first development under the XT brand to launch is expected to be completed this year, in 2020.

XT Ekkaimai, the first of the XT collection

Consisting of 537 total units across 38 floors with units ranging from 1 bedroom to 2 bedrooms, XT Ekkamai is located along Sukhumvit Soi 63 in Watthana district, offering easy access to a wide array of restaurants, coffee shops and bars.

To make residents' lives more seamless, XT Ekkamai weaves in technology innovation and smart home solutions in particular with the mobile application on property management, home automation, digital payments and electronic vehicle charging facilities.

The gym is equipped with cutting-edge Virtual Exercise system and fitness equipments complemented with virtual reality to combine exercise with the fun and excitement of gaming. 

Co-playing space at XT Ekkamai

At XT Ekkamai, the needs of all individuals are carefully catered to. Other facilities include a bar and lounge, co-playing space, a 50-metre lap pool, a poolside theatre with dynamic aurora water curtain, a hot and cold Jacuzzi as well as a rooftop garden for outdoor exercise. The rooftop also captures a 360-degree spectacular view of the city.

All co-sharing facilities are available exclusively to residents of condominium projects under the XT brand. 

Cover image: Lounge area at XT Ekkamai