A Global Digital Market

The number of people using the internet has been growing over the years. In today's increasingly connected world, businesses are rapidly changing to meet the demands to the new consumer.

Spurred by an ever-changing digital landscape and new consumption patterns, List Sotheby's International Realty (List SIR) has launched a new regional aggregator site - www.lsirglobal.com would bring hundreds of property listings from across six countries and territories under one roof.

As part of the company’s on-going strategy to develop new digital marketing platforms and property technology (or Prop Tech) tools, List SIR has developed an entire ecosystem to see through the entire customer journey in real estate. The fully integrated system utilises digital technology to create, replicate and deliver content across multiple platforms.

This includes a central property listing system named Global Listing Aggregation Management or GLAM system, which encompasses an end-to-end journey of a property listing and vastly improved the efficiency of the company.

In addition, the system enables List SIR to do data analysis to better understand the consumers through various user touch points, thereby increasing interaction, engagement and conversion rates. In later phases, the system will be able to make personalised recommendations based on its learnings.

Digital marketing has always been a key differentiator of List SIR. The Singapore office, for instance, has won a 5 Star award in the Best Real Estate Agency Website category at the prestigious Asia Pacific Property Awards 2019-2020 for its website www.listsothebysrealty.sg.

Recognising that Asia has seen the biggest increase in ultra-high-net worth individuals, List SIR sees the regional website as a gateway to investors looking for opportunities in the region. The user can find properties in all the cities that List SIR has presence in, ultimately drawing a connection to the dream home through the story of each property.

The design and placements of web elements are incorporated thoughtfully to improve user experiences. Besides enjoying the convenience of finding properties from the various cities, users can also use the search function of the website to make their quest for their dream home more efficient. Visitors can do searches via cities, types of real estate such as landed properties and luxury apartments as well as price range.