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The World’s Tallest Modular Hotel

The AC Hotel by Marriott coming to New York City is set to be the world’s tallest modular hotel.  

The 360-foot-tall AC Hotel New York NoMad will include 168 guest rooms that will be built in a factory in Poland before being shipped to the city. The amazing thing is that, once they arrive, the hotel can be erected in just 90 days, according to Marriott.

The 168 prefabricated guest rooms will arrive in New York City fully constructed. Each “module” will house a fully outfitted hotel room complete with beds, sheets, pillow, flooring, and toiletries.

The hotel, which is expected to cost $65 million to build, will be topped off with a modular roof and a modular rooftop bar, but the restaurant and lobby will be built using traditional construction methods.

In traditional construction, a hotel room usually shares a wall with its neighbor, but modular designs typically call for an insulated gap between rooms, so hotel guests can expect to enjoy quieter rooms – thanks to the modular hotel.  

The AC Hotel New York NoMad is expected to open in late 2020.

Marriott’s chief development officer in North America, Mr Eric Jacobs, said that the construction process in North America is “ripe for innovation”. “The world’s tallest modular hotel in one of the world’s greatest destinations will act as a game-changing symbol to ignite even greater interest in modular among the real estate and lending industries,” he said.