Smart Living for Better Lives

Imagine an ideal world where our living quarters are programmed with the ability to intuitively foresee our needs and cater to our preferences, without us having to lift a finger. What seems like a dream is slowing turning into reality. With the incorporation of SMART (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) technology into new residential developments, the once foreign concept of smart homes may soon be the new norm.

In line with the government’s initiative to morph Singapore into a Smart Nation – where virtually every element of our lives will be enhanced by technological advancements to ensure optimal productivity – developers are actively incorporating technological enhancements to amplify the appeal of the humble abode for prospective buyers. A testament to this phenomenon takes form in projects such as Corals at Keppel Bay by acclaimed architect Daniel Libeskind.

Smart Living for Better Lives

Billed as one of the few luxury residential developments that encompasses smart technology to promote sustainable living, Corals at Keppel Bay relies on Habitap, an integrated smart home management system created by a Singapore company that allows the user to control key elements within the house – ranging from the lighting, room temperature, shading and more – with just a touch. In a matter of seconds, one would be able to adjust the lighting or switch on the air conditioning in their home from practically anywhere.

Corals championed the movement of incorporating Asia’s first fully integrated smart home management system as a core component in their design ahead of other developments. With Habitap, residents can customise the composition of desired features they wish to utilise, as well as use it to book facilities on the go. They can even enjoy the convenience of booking a full range of lifestyle services such as making a dining reservation simply by using the app. Apart from the intrinsic characteristic of being situated on one of the island’s picturesque marinas, the choice of encompassing smart technology by Corals conveys the growing importance of including elements that enrich the living experiences of its residents.

Living in the digital age where individuals are growing accustomed to having the world at their fingertips, convenience often presents itself in the form of a smartphone. Smart home living solutions enable homeowners to exercise greater responsibility and care for their homes, or keep a watchful eye over their loved ones, while ensuring that their daily routines are not disrupted in the process. The possibilities are endless as the need to be physically present becomes less relevant.

With growing expectations that the smart technology movement will continue to gain momentum and eventually culminate in widespread pervasion across residential developments in our city-state, more developers will consider such technological advancements an accretive feature that serves to enhance the way we live and not disrupt it. It is only a matter of time before every home becomes a smart home.