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Lucky Plants For The House

With less than one month away from Chinese New Year, it is time to look at what needs to be changed or be added at home. Having plants at home is always a good idea as it could help to add some life to an otherwise ordinary space. But besides the improved aesthetics by having colours added to one’s home, it may also help to usher in good luck for the new year. Here are some popular plants that you may wish to consider.


Chrysanthemums, typically in bright gold or purple colour are considered lucky flowers during Chinese New Year. They represent wealth, prosperity and longevity. If you are looking to improve your wealth luck and finance in the coming year, you can consider getting golden yellow chrysanthemums for your home.

Jade Plant

The jade plant (also known as crassula) is widely known to attract wealth and good fortune with their emerald green leaves, which resemble a jade stone. Besides that, many people like this plant as it is very easy to upkeep.

Lucky Bamboo

When it comes to bringing luck into the house, the lucky bamboo (also known as the Dracaena sanderiana) is one of the most popular plants, especially during the Chinese New Year period. It is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. You can choose to have different number of stalks of the lucky bamboo as they symbolise different meanings.

Money Plant

The money plant (also known as devil’s ivy) is a symbol of good luck and fortune with its coin-like leaves. It is often used in homes and offices as a natural air-purifier as it is able to remove toxins from the air. Needless to say, people love this plant simply for its auspicious name.

Pussy Willow

In Chinese tradition, the pussy willow signifies the coming of Spring. The appearance of their branches of fluffy blossoms and tall height can also be seen as abundance of fortune and growth.


The orchid is another popular and auspicious lucky plant choice. Apart from its beautiful colours in hues of purples and yellows, it is a symbol of vitality, fertility and abundance, making this plant is good for those who are looking to start a new family.

Tangerine (Kumquat)

The tangerine plant is another hot favourite during the festive period because of its auspicious name. With the plant bearing fruits, it looks bright and cheery and makes a great addition to the home to usher in wealth and abundance.