Property Tour

Did you know that numerous figures with high net-worth have accumulated sizable investment portfolios in Singapore’s real estate? Have you thought about why a great deal of foreigners have made numerous profitable investments in Singapore in the past decade?

Well, the reason is clear:

Singapore is a city state known for its huge housing demand by both locals and expatriates. The nature of our legislation structure and fiscal policies have made real estate transactions here smooth and transparent. Hence, the demand for housing investment have grown leaps and bounds over the years.

Free Property Tour around Singapore!
We will be conducting a free 3-hour property tour in Singapore. A team of real estate experts and professionals who are ready to serve you will be on site to provide you all the information and advice that you will need to make well-informed choices before you begin your investment.

The itinerary includes:

  • Visit to the Singapore City Gallery at the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Center where you can learn about Singapore’s urban planning policies as well as latest developments.
  • Drive around our prestigious district located at the city fringe; a prime area where the most exclusive properties are situated.
  • Private viewing in some of our show flats or actual units to give you a better understanding of local properties.

Our relationship managers are well-versed in real estate matters as well as the political and economic landscape of Singapore (i.e. immigration, education and financial policies etc). Do contact us for your free property tour if you are visiting Singapore anytime soon.

Register for the property tour here!