Known for its fine-quality powder snow during the winter season, Niseko in Hokkaido, Japan is the number one ski destination in Asia. Whether you’re a ski-lover or just entering the ski scene, Niseko has a lot to offer you.

If you’re planning a skiing trip to the snow-filled mountains of Niseko this winter, here are some tips and tricks you can follow so you can have the perfect skiing experience that will make you want to go back for more.

  1. Do your research

So you’ve decided to go skiing at Niseko. Before you drop everything and jump on the next flight to Hokkaido, first do your research on Niseko, especially if it’s your first time there.

Researching ski trails, average temperatures, local culture, and skiing rules and regulations in Niseko will help you plan out your trip and help you find your way around when you get there. Knowing the weather forecast is also important when you decide to go to Niseko as weather conditions can affect your trip.

  1. Find the best time to go

Niseko’s annual ski season stretches for as long as five months, typically ranging from November to around May the following year. While the entire season is a good time to ski down the trails of Niseko, there are some months that have the best amount and quality of snow for those who want to experience the brilliance of Niseko’s ski trails.

On the average, snow buildup begins around November to December, and many stores and resorts begin to open up for tourists looking to ski. But there is little guarantee that there will be enough snow to ski the entire trail.

Mid December up to February is normally the peak of the winter season, with a good amount of snow to ski on. However, it is also the most crowded time of the season and prices are at their peak. Nightlife abounds with the fall of dusk as the vibrant commercial scene beckons.

  1. Dress in layers

It can get extremely cold in Niseko during the peak season, with average temperature ranging from -2 ℃ to -15 ℃. If you’re not used to such temperatures, dressing up in layers is very important to battle the cold during your ski sessions.

Experts will usually advise beginners to have three layers of clothing when going for a ski session: the base layer, the mid layer, and the outer layer. Each layer is equally important since they help keep skiers warm as they slalom down the ski trails.

  1. Rent first

If it’s your first time skiing, do consider renting your equipment first. You might get overwhelmed by the number of people bringing their own ski equipment when you get to Niseko, but these people are probably veteran.

As a beginner, once you decide after a few ski runs that you really love to ski, then you could get your own personal equipment for your next ski trip. Ski rentals are widely available in Niseko, so you won’t have to worry about going there empty-handed.

  1. Get lessons

Skiing is not an easy sport to learn and can be dangerous if you ski without knowing the fundamental techniques. To make the most out of your ski trip, it’s best to get ski lessons from the ski instructors.

Getting ski lessons will ensure you spend less time flat on your back in the snow and be able to enjoy the view of Niseko as you make your way down the Niseko Annupuri trails.

  1. Enjoy the Locality

Lastly, don’t miss out on the other great places to go to in Niseko after your ski run. offers a variety of establishments you can go to where you can relax and interact with other skiers. Taking a dip in the onsen to warm up, eating in the local restaurants, and sharing a couple of drinks with people are just some of the things to do in Niseko’s locale.

No matter what level of skill in skiing you have, be it children or adults, Niseko has a lot of opportunities for you to try out, from the most basic to the most challenging ski trails. And by following these tips, you’ll surely have a memorable experience in Niseko that you’ll want to go back to.

While Singapore’s property market has slowed over the past 15 quarters due to government cooling measures, according to recent reports the private residential property index for 3Q2017 has increased by 0.5 per cent.

Having endured a slowing market for four years, we are now seeing sales volumes of properties rising, with some new launches meeting with strong demand from home buyers and investors. But should you invest in Singapore’s property now that sentiments are slowly starting to pick up?

Of course, this is the big question on many people’s mind, so here’s a look at why you should invest in property in Singapore, which, let’s not forget, is still one of the top destinations for investing in residential properties.

Tanjong Pagar skyline

Tanjong Pagar skyline

  1. Attractive Rental Income

If you are thinking of investing in a private property to generate rental income, it’s worth pointing out that properties in vibrant areas, for example close to or in the city centre, will generate more attractive yields, giving you a passive income on top of your salary.

According to an article in The Business Times, “Potential investors should still be more concerned with rentability and rent levels rather than place their hopes on uncertain capital gains. One fruitful approach is to consider buying residential property in integrated transit-linked developments – defined as developments with commercial components and direct access to MRT.”

Having a passive income is one way to generate wealth and interestingly, many money-management experts advocate this approach to people looking for financial freedom.


  1. Vibrant Mixed-use Developments Attracting Tenants

The increasing popularity of mixed-use developments where commercial and residential spaces are integrated in the same building, is transforming the way many people live, work and play, particularly in Singapore’s CBD.

These developments offer residents easy and convenient access to shops, restaurants, gyms and offices all within the same building as their homes, so they no longer need to take a long commute to commercial areas.

Investing in properties within a mixed-use development can yield better rental rates compared to those in purely residential developments, as they offer a dynamic and vibrant environment for renters.

As well as living within close-proximity to commercial areas, many mixed-use developments have green spaces with pedestrian and bicycle-friendly environments, which can host activities to strengthen the neighborhood’s character and social interaction within the community.


  1. Prime Locations Drive Strong Returns

When it comes to real estate, property location can make or break your investment. Investing in a property in a prime location can mean more renters, higher rental fees, and better returns. Properties located near or within the city centre are appealing to both city workers as well as many foreigners who prefer to rent a private house than book a hotel, if they visit frequently.

Mixed-use developments are emerging in these prime locations, with Singapore now seeing more residential and retail spaces in an area where soaring towers were previously dedicated to office space only. These new mixed-use properties are giving investors an advantage when it comes to setting their rental fees.


  1. Capital Appreciation Over Time

Unlike other investment products, real estate properties tend to appreciate over time – with capital appreciation higher in properties closer to the city centre.

As cities and economies grow, the demand for residential and commercial spaces increases resulting in property prices rising over time. And despite the recent dip in Singapore property prices, Global bank Morgan Stanley believes that property prices in Singapore will double by 2030.

This means that a prime property bought today could be sold for a much higher price in 2030 given Singapore’s rapid economic growth that continues to beat economic forecasts.

Investing in property can be expensive and time-consuming, but with the right mindset and strategy, it can bring big returns. So next time you think of investing in real estate, these reasons will help you remember why you should give it a shot.

Melbourne is a melting pot of cultures.  On top of the plethora of culture and entertainment, this extends to cuisine and dining options.  Whatever may be your taste, there’s something for everyone.  Here are some of the best the city has to offer:


Located atop the Rialto building, this is one of the ultimate experiences when it comes to fine dining in Melbourne.  Each dish is served by a different staff in this chic black dining ambience.  Dishes are exotic, like the locally-sourced raw wallaby with its melt-in-your-mouth quality or cabbage braised in veal jus.   Fans of liquid nitrogen would appreciate the lemon myrtle and flowers, on which the substance is poured.  Among of its awards include Three Hats from The Age Good Food Guide 2015.

Vue Monde (Image source: instagram VueMonde)

Elegant fine dining restaurant in the Rialto building, with tasting menus and sweeping city views. Vue Monde (Image source: instagram VueMonde)


This seemingly unassuming restaurant located in the suburbs is helmed by New Zealand-born chef Ben Shewry, who is known for combining unique ingredients which are sometimes foraged by himself.  One of its famous dishes is the Ten Flavours of St. Joseph’s Wort, delivering a complex taste from tomatoes and ten types of basil.  Even the appetisers are remarkable, like bread paired with macadamia nut dip.  Attica garnered three stars for the Restaurant of the Year category from the Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Awards 2015, and Three Hats for the same category from The Age Good Food Guide 2014.

Acclaimed restaurant serving inventive tasting menus and select wines in crisp, low-lit surrounds. (image source: atticamelbourne instagram)


Considered to be the best Chinese restaurant Down Under, this establishment has a three-month long waiting list.  The red-carpeted floor complements the lacquer detailing on the furniture for a premier ambience.  Some of the signature dishes include the pearl meat and Peking duck.  It is no surprise that it earned Two Hats from the 2017 The Age Good Food Guide Award.

Cantonese meals in a sprawling, red-carpeted restaurant with panels of Chinese art lining the walls. (image source: flower_drum instagram)

MOVIDA Bar de Tapas

As the best Spanish restaurant in Melbourne, MoVida started off as a casual tapas bar which now has developed into a reservations-only restaurant. Authentic Spanish produce of jamon, braised pork neck, and clams are paired off with aperitifs and red wines. The outstanding MoVida won an Australian 2017 Restaurant Award and Age Good Food Guide Chef’s Hat in 2016.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have a luxurious and memorable experience dining at these restaurants in Melbourne.  Residents old and new would find a home among these dining places just within reach.

Tapas bar with graffiti art exterior and a laid-back, high-ceilinged dining area with hip music. (image source: movidabdt instagram)

Mayfair Lobby

A double height grand lobby ushers you in, dressed in marble with copper inlays that echo its sweeping facade

Known prominently for her slick and curve designs, Dame Zaha Hadid has received accolades from her peers in the design and architectural industry, earning her the title “Queen of Curves”. And even after her passing, her design legacy will remain honored in Melbourne thanks to Mayfair’s Zaha Signature Suites.

A pioneer of parametricism and an icon of neo-futurism, Zaha Hadid’s highly acclaimed work include the Vitra Fire Station in Weil Am Rhein, Germany, the London Aquatic Centre for the 2012 Olympics, the Heydar Aliyev Centre in Baku, Azerbaijan and the Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art in Cincinnati, USA and the Guangzhou Opera House in Guangzhou, China.

See how the world-renowned designer added her magical touch in designing these spacious luxury suites in the ultra-luxurious residential development situated along the upmarket residential enclave at St Kilda Road, part of the Melbourne’s bustling inner suburbs.

Luxury at the top

Mayfair Rooftop Facilities

Rooftop terrace with BBQ facilities and two outdoor jacuzzi

The Zaha Signature Suites are located on the two top-most floors of the Mayfair, where residents will get a scenic view of Melbourne’s major landmarks while enjoying the presence of well-crafted and sculpted furnishings. These suites also have a European kitchen system and wine cellar, a theme one can attach to Hadid’s British roots where she became the first woman to be awarded the Royal Gold Medal from the Royal Institute of British Architects in 2016.

Space Is King

In Mayfair, floor space is taken largely into consideration. This was even more elevated in the Zaha Hadid Signature suites, where even the simplest features – inspired by Hadid’s appreciation of Australia’s fluid landscapes — were thoroughly planned and designed to leave as much space as possible for everyone’s comfort and enjoyment without the feeling of restriction.

Geometric prowess

Hadid’s love for geometric liberty also plays a big part in the design of the Zaha Hadid Signature Suites. Each suite is fitted with optically rich interiors that evokes perception that make space personal, instilling a sense of ownership within each visitor. The purity of formal geometries and fluid lines are acknowledged even by Mathematician; but these spaces also engage the senses and capture the eye—creating unrivalled spatial experiences that Hadid and her team has skillfully crafted.

One With Nature

Mayfair Facade

Bask in breathtaking outlooks over Royal Botanic Garden

Facing north and northeast, Residents can indulge in breathtaking natural view of The Shrine of Remembrance and Royal Botanic Gardens, or Albert Park and Port Phillip Bay towards the south and southwest. The Signature suites’ master bedroom also leads seamlessly into a spacious balcony, where residents can take in the cool morning air or refreshing evening chill any time.

Best Material Comforts

Zaha Signature Bathroom

Feel the luxury of natural marble floors, embellished by crafted joinery, vanity, and bath.

The Mayfair was not only built by the best designers and architects, it was also built with the best materials. Just like how a seemingly simple kitchen features a custom sculpted island bench and contemporary joinery, embellished with inspired curved detailing and metallic trims. Or the feel of natural marble flooring in the bathroom, coupled with crafted joinery, vanity, and bath.

“Come second quarter of 2021, the Zaha Signature Suites will embody the late Dame Zaha Hadid’s architectural prowess that consummates a perfect balance of Australia’s landscape with contemporary Melbourne and the lives of these privileged residents.”

The cafe culture of Melbourne (image source @thekettleblack instagram)

In recent years, demand for coffee has risen drastically. According to a report, 141.6 million bags of coffee beans are consumed worldwide, with coffee intake bound to rise even more in the coming years.

With so many coffee-lovers out there, it’s no surprise that many coffee shops in Melbourne – the city known for its wonderful coffee – are always full of people. If you’re visiting Melbourne, make sure to get your caffeine fix from these must-try coffee shops:

Patrica Coffee Brewers: 493-495, Little Bourke Street, CBD, Melbourne

If you’re strolling along Little Bourke Street, grabbing a cup of coffee from Patricia Coffee Brewers is a must.

Voted as the best coffee in Australia in 2016, Patricia Coffee Brewers boasts a good variety of Cappuccinos, Espressos, and Filter Coffee. Fair warning, though: expect a long queue when you get here. They also have a good offering of pastries ranging from breads to cookies that will go extremely well with your coffee.

On the downside, the place doesn’t have a lot of space, so it’s hard to find a place to sit and relax. But they offer takeaway options, and coffee is served fast. So if you’re always on the move, best to get your coffee here.

Trendy, bare-bones, standing-room-only spot for artisanal coffee ground on-site, and small treats. Patricia Coffee Brewer (image source: @steffibalian instagram)

Higher Ground:  650 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

Preserving old structures can often be a challenge, but the team behind Higher Ground stepped up to that challenge and converted a 19th-century power station to the spectacular coffee shop down Little Bourke Street that it is today.

Higher Ground offers a unique ambiance thanks to its high ceiling and centuries-old brick wall design, taking you away from the busy environment of modern-day Melbourne. Don’t come here just to grab a cup of coffee, because you wouldn’t want to leave once you enter; take the time to try their breakfast and lunch dishes as well.

If you’re here for coffee, you won’t be disappointed. Their menu offers a variety of coffee brews, from single-origin to batch brew and filter. They also offer a variety of alcoholic drinks and spirits, mostly available for their night menu (5pm until late).

Higher Ground Melbourne

Not quite a cafe, not quite a restaurant, we offer innovative fare for breakfast, lunch and dinner, alongside specialty coffee and a wine list. (image source: highergroundmelbourne instagram)

Café 420: 420 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne

If you’re into more greens and leaves while taking your coffee, Café 420 is a good place to dine inside the inner suburbs.

Located close to St. Kilda road, this small but refreshing coffee shop serves aromatic coffee brews, lattes, and pastries good for a simple breakfast meal. If you decide to have breakfast here, you should try their toasties, it’s a customer-favorite. They also offer takeaway options for those people who are always on-the-go.

The Kettle Black: 50 Albert Rd, South Melbourne

If you’ve been around the “foodie” community in Melbourne, then chances are that you’ve heard of The Kettle Black. Started by the same team that made the popular Top Paddock café, The Black Kettle is living up to the hype and is generating its own buzz.

While the wait in The Kettle Black is often long, it’s worth it: the white interior — matched with windows extending from floor to ceiling and potted plants all over the place — can relax even the most stressed person. And with a wide selection of drinks and food, there’s no better place in the Melbourne CBD to relax and wind down after a long day.

Coffee in The Kettle Black ranges from plain black to single-origin/filtered. They also have milk, almond milk, and hot chocolate for those who prefer a smoother cup of caffeine. They also have a wide selection of wine and cocktails for those who wants to go for a little drink.

For food, they have a bustling menu, too: Chili Scrambled Eggs, Cape Grim Beef, Tataki Ocean Trout, the famous Hotcake with Ricotta, and other hearty meals.

Operator25: 25 Wills Street, CBD

Last on this list takes us a little up north of the CBD. Located along Wills street, Operator25 offers a nice, urban ambiance with its brick wall design and backlit posters. When it comes to coffee, you can choose between long black or short black; they also have a delicious variety of white coffee and batch brew. If you want to try some interesting hot drinks, they have Peanutella – hot peanut butter and Nutella milk with peanutella bar.

They offer Breakfast and brunch meals too. BBQ Pork Benedict, Matcha Waffles, Indian Spiced Lamb, and Japanese Open Omelette are just some interesting dishes to try out in Operator25.

If you’re going here, the best time would be before the lunch time rush because it can get busy. But if you’re here for a grab-and-go, they offer takeaway options as well.

Next time you find yourself walking down Melbourne’s lively Commercial Business District and looking for a nice cup of coffee, check these places out and you’re sure to have a happy cup in hand.

Brunch cafe and coffee hangout in an early 1900s building that housed Melbourne’s first switchboard. (image source: operator25cafe instagram)

10 Spots in Singapore for the Ultimate Skyline Views

Singapore may be a small island country, but there are plenty to see, especially at an altitude.  There are several places in the city central to view the skyline, or head off to Sentosa to see something a bit different.


1. The Pinnacle @ Duxton Skybridge

This is a residential apartment surrounded by skyscrapers.  Along with the usual sights in a central business district, get to see Chinatown and quaint red brick houses.  The Skybridge is equipped with lounge chairs, and only admits 200 non-residents a day for $ 5 per person.

2. Super Penthouse at Wallich Residence

The Tanjong Pagar Centre is composed of office space, a hotel, and the Wallich Residence, the tallest building in Singapore.  From the 62nd to the 64th floor is the Super Penthouse, a luxury triplex residence made up of 21,108 square feet.  Aside from a private swimming pool, the property features cantilevered glass balconies, where you can view the city skyline.

3. Singapore Flyer

The largest observation wheel in Asia has capsules that can accommodate up to 28 persons each.  Experience the four-course dinner while gazing at the city’s bright lights.

4. Marina Bay Sands Skypark

If you happen to be staying here, don’t miss out and take a dip in the infinity pool and take in the breathtaking view of the island.  It is the world’s largest outdoor pool at that height, and open only for guests.  Visitors can go to the observation deck for a fee.

5. SuperTree at Gardens by the Bay

Here is another place where you can dine in the sky.  The SuperTree at Gardens by the Bay allows you to see the other SuperTrees illuminated with neon lights while you savour an exquisite dinner.

6. Swissotel The Stamford

Take in the the panoramic views of the Central Business District and the Marina Bay at the Harbour View rooms at Swissotel while chilling at the balcony.  Meet up for some high tea or dinner get the same scenery at the Equinox restaurant.

7. 1-Altitude

Located at 1 Raffles Place, this restaurant bar and lounge enjoys the highest view of Singapore, where one can see as far as Marina Bay area.  View the sunset and enjoy the cool breeze on the rooftop.

8. Sentosa Cable Car

A relaxing cable car on the way to the island resort is a good way to ruminate for some quiet time.  See the ocean with vessels, a remarkable sight especially at dusk.

9. LeVel 33

Hang out at this restaurant lounge, and witness the neon laser lights at night along with the skyscrapers and the Singapore River.  During special occasions, watch out for the fireworks display, like on National Day.

10. Faber Peak

Head out to the Faber Peak where you can also get a panoramic view of the Central Business District.  The cable cars in the area can bring you to Sentosa, while enjoying an unforgettable dining experience with bento sets or a romantic dinner for two.


City life is hectic and stressful, but checking out these locations can offer a brief respite without actually leaving the city.


Located in Melbourne’s famous St Kilda Road, Mayfair is set to be one of the most prestigious addresses in Australia. Designed by world-renowned architecture firm, Zaha Hadid Architects, Mayfair is an ultra luxurious residential development that epitomises Melbourne’s status as the most liveable city in the world. Developed by Malaysia’s leading property developer, UEM Sunrise, the striking façade of the high-end apartment tower will no doubt become one of the cultural city’s architectural landmarks for many years to come.

A Legendary Address

St Kilda Road is situated in the heart of Melbourne’s thriving metropolis. Surrounded by the city’s most treasured landmarks, top public and private educational institutions, lush parks, and a major transportation hub, St Kilda Road is one of the most exclusive addresses in the country. The iconic tree-lined boulevard is home to the city’s finest cafes, restaurants, and shops. It is also renowned for its bustling arts scene with numerous cultural and artistic institutions located in the area. Its close proximity to the central business district makes it one of the most desirable neighbourhoods to live in.

Architectural Masterpiece

Zaha Hadid Architects was awarded to design the Mayfair through an international design competition where only the world’s best architecture firms were invited. It is one of the last few projects by the late Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Dame Zaha Hadid’s personal touch and involvement. The curved and sweeping form of the Mayfair’s prominent façade is undoubtedly Zaha Hadid who is known as the “Queen of Curves”. From the satin sheen finish of the curved metal cladding to the glass balustrades, the building’s different elements perfectly blend to form one remarkable exterior. Hadid’s amazing legacy of innovative architectural design will certainly live on in classic timelessness.

Bespoke Design Excellence

Beyond the Mayfair’s modern façade is the unrivalled quality that went in to its interiors. The double volume grand lobby of the Mayfair oozes with elegance dressed in marble with copper inlays. Every detail of the Mayfair has been meticulously planned. The opulent and sprawling chandelier illuminates the space, leading you from the main lobby to the exclusive lounges. From the lounge, residents will have access to their own private lift lobby. With 158 residential units in the building, each lift only serves two residences on each floor. These are connected to dedicated basement car garages or amenity levels. Stunning views of Melbourne’s finest landmarks can be viewed from the comfort of private terraces. The spacious apartments in the Mayfair come in one bedroom to five bedroom configurations as well as the Zaha Signature Suites. From sculpted furnishings to a European kitchen system and wine cellar, the Zaha Signature Suites take residents to a new level of extravagance.

Exclusive Amenities

No indulgence has been overlooked by the designers of the Mayfair. Owners of the residences at the Mayfair will not only benefit from the first-class 24/7 concierge service but a rooftop terrace that offers a private dining room, BBQ facilities, and two outdoor spas. A beautiful 25-metre lap pool beneath a skylight roof and other amenities can be found in the first three levels of Mayfair, including a gymnasium, sauna, and cinema that will delight all age groups.

The project is targeted to be completed by the second quarter of 2021.


According to the Wealth Report, ultra-high net worth Asians consider Singapore as one of the top destinations for investing in residential properties. In fact, Alibaba co-founder, Sun Tongyu, bought one of the most expensive condominiums on the island, the penthouse of Le Nouvel Ardmore in 2015. In this article, we look at where the world’s ultra rich buy property in Singapore and what makes the country a great hub for investment.

Landed Houses

Also known as Good Class Bungalows, landed houses are the most prestigious type of housing in Singapore. With space at a premium, it’s unsurprising that this type of property is also highly expensive.  Owners have to comply with the requirements imposed by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) such as two storey building height restriction and the minimum lot size requirement of 1,400 square metres.

These premium homes range from $ 4.4 million to more than $ 100 million, with price per square meter starting at $2,000. Most are located in exclusive areas of Orchard Road, Holland Park, and Chatsworth Park. They are usually equipped with amenities such as a swimming pool, a garden, and off road parking.

Sentosa Cove

Located in Sentosa Island, Sentosa Cove is the only place in Singapore where foreigners can purchase landed property in the country.  The gated community includes security and concierge services.  Aside from bungalows, there are also several waterfront villas and high rise condominiums in the area.  The exclusivity and privacy that Sentosa Cove offers makes it another ideal property for Singapore’s ultra rich.

Luxury Condominiums

Singapore, the key luxury hub in Southeast Asia, is also home to the most lavish condominiums in Asia. Reignwood Hamilton Scotts, located near the retail and entertainment hub of Orchard Road, is known for its ‘car porch in the sky’. Owners park their supercars in an en-suite sky garage viewable right from the living room. Oue Twin Peaks is conveniently located on Leonie Hill Road, close to iconic Singapore landmarks in Marina Bay. The ready-to-live-in apartments come fully furnished with designer pieces, perfect for those with refined taste. Another noteworthy luxury condominium in the country is The Marq on Paterson Hill. Residents of the Marq can enjoy exclusive amenities such as a 24/7 concierge service and a lap pool in every floor. One of Singapore’s newest luxury properties is the Wallich Residence. Ideally located in Tanjong Pagar Centre in the Central Business District, Wallich Residence is currently the tallest residential development in Singapore. The development also boasts the largest and tallest penthouse called the super penthouse. Set to be the grandest residence in Singapore, the super penthouse is a staggering 21,108 sq. ft. triplex that is located at the topmost levels of the building from Level 62 to 64, which comprises the pool & entertainment area on Level 64 and a private garden on Level 62. . With superior views of the Singapore skyline, it truly is the most exclusive and premium property in Singapore right now.

Overall, Singapore’s strategic location as a gateway to Asia makes it a global hub for international business and finance with world-class infrastructure. Renowned for its security, political stability, and thriving economy, it is no surprise that high net worth individuals invest in Singapore’s hyper luxurious real estate.

98 Wireless Building Facade

98 Wireless is one of Bangkok’s most luxurious condominiums, situated in the heart of the cosmopolitan capital’s well-established business district on Wireless Road.

98 Wireless is Bangkok’s newest and most prestigious luxury property, developed by world-renowned Thai property developer Sansiri. This 25-storey residential tower is located in the heart of the always vibrant city of Bangkok. 98 Wireless is an ultra-luxurious condominium, with 77 residential units (including two penthouses), each with two to three bedrooms. The top two levels of the building are dedicated to “The One” — a grand penthouse providing one of the highest vantage points in the city. This is the kind of luxury living that only the elite few will have the opportunity to experience.

98 Wireless Exterior

With the help of Hyde Park Mouldings, the cream-hued walls of 98 Wireless lend an air of grandeur to the interior.

The Beaux-Arts inspired aesthetics of 98 Wireless are prominent throughout the condominium’s 77 units. Its posh cream-hued walls and ceilings have been handcrafted by Hyde Park Mouldings, the renowned specialists whose custom plaster work has graced iconic global landmarks, such as the White House and Buckingham Palace. Totalling 200 square metres, this high-end luxury residence is situated on Wireless Road, one of Bangkok’s most exclusive and sought-after neighbourhoods. This highly prestigious location further cements 98 Wireless as the ideal home for upper-class elites who value their privacy.

Grand Lobby Staircase

The ode to majestic luxuriousness makes a strong first impression with the stately presence of the lobby’s grand staircase.

98 Wireless Main Entrance lobby

The elegant custom-made crystal chandelier exudes luxury and class.

The contemporary yet classic interior design of this lavish Bangkok condominium takes style and class to a whole new level. The building’s extravagant 23-metre lobby and larger-than-life staircase are a sight to behold, complemented by an elegant three-storey custom-made crystal chandelier and a deluxe Portuguese limestone floor. Individual units are fitted with hardware from some of the world’s most distinguished brands, including Baldwin Hardware, Lefroy Brooks and SieMatic, as well as appliances from the likes of Sub-Zero and Gaggenau, whose products are perfectly suited for high-class residential living.

98 Wireless_Kitchen

Each unit is adorned with hardware and appliances from some of the world’s most innovative brands

At the heart of 98 Wireless’ aristocratic elegance is the visionary design of Anne Carson, the renowned interior designer from New York, and boutique furniture designer Ralph Lauren Home. This close collaboration culminated in the creation of a truly one-of-a-kind condominium while boldly raising the standards of world-class residential home design. 98 Wireless is the very first condominium in Southeast Asia to have the privilege of being furnished by Ralph Lauren Home.

With its excellent amenities and offering VIP class access to the same concierge service used by the British Royal Family, 98 Wireless is the perfect address for society’s crème de la crème. Of course, no luxury home would be complete without an enormous space to house one’s toys. The condominium’s 240% car park capacity ensures that residents with a fondness for wheels will not be disappointed. This combination of grandeur, comfort and functionality are inextricably integral to the building’s design.

After seven years of detailed planning and development, 98 Wireless is now open for inspection.  With 50% of the units sold prior to the condominium’s official launch, 98 Wireless has already achieved true iconic status. Interested buyers can send an enquiry to List Sotheby’s International Realty Singapore, the world’s leading luxury residential brokerage.

For more information, please contact Elaine She on +65 9029 9327 or email: